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MIIT issued a "the cement industry standards (2015)", and the original "cement industry access conditions" was abolished 2015/01/30
Two ministries to introduce preferential tax policies supporting the merger and reorganization of enterprises 2015/01/09
The PC32.5 grade cement standard was cancelled 2014/12/12
MIIT issued an urgent notice strictly restrict additional capacities in cement industry 2014/08/08
MIIT:It is strictly prohibited to approve and register any new project of steel and cement 2014/03/10
MIIT has determined the timetable to phase out the outdated cement capacity 2014/03/05
The State Council issued Guidance on Resolving Serious Over-Capacity Contradiction 2013/10/15
MIIT Announced the List of Elimination of Outdated Production Capacity, which amounts to 92.75 million tons 2013/07/26
Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the pollution prevention technique policies in cement industry 2013/07/04
The limit on energy consumption per unit of cement products will be carried out since 1st October 2013 2013/02/21
Hu Jintao: Put “Stabilizing Growth” In a More Important Position 2012/08/01
China’s Accumulated Cement Production Growth Rate is 5.5% from January to June of 2012 2012/07/13
NDRC: Energy Saving Industry Can Drive over RMB 1 Trillion Investments within 3 Years 2012/07/05
The Central Bank Of China will Intensify Financial Support to Real Economy 2012/07/03
MIIT Rises Entry Barrier Standard to Glass Fibre Industry 2012/05/31
The Central Bank Lowers Deposit Reserve Rate May Promote the Cement Demand 2012/05/14
NDRC approves a number of Major Infrastructure Construction Projects 2012/05/11
NDRC: Cement Industry Emission Standards will be no higher than the International Level 2012/04/08
NDRC: China will strictly Control the Investment on the new Cement Production Capacity 2012/03/30
Ministry of Finance sets up an 8 billion special fund of M&A for Central Enterprises 2012/03/28
The Vice Minister of MOHURD: The Coverage of Social Housing will Reach 20% at the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” 2012/03/27
MIIT express that the M&A of Cement Industry will be Promoted 2012/03/26
The State Council: Start a number of Urgent Transportation Project Timely 2012/03/22
"The Twelfth Five-Year plan for the industrial energy-saving" is Published 2012/02/22
The Central Bank Decreased Deposit Reserve Rate, 400 Billion Capital will be Released 2012/02/20
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