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Company Introduction
China National Building Material Co., Ltd (“CNBM”) is large building materials state-owned enterprise—the core enterprise of China National Building Material Group Co., Ltd, which was founded on March 28, 2005, and was listed on Hong Kong stock exchange on March 23, 2006 (stock name: CNBM, ticker:3323). The company has been included in the MSCI China Index constituent stocks, the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index constituent stocks, the Dow Jones China Offshore 50 Index constituent stocks.

CNBM is mainly engaged in cement, lightweight building materials, glass fiber and composite materials, and engineering services.

The strategic goal of CNBM is “to become a world-class manufacturer of building materials, and to maximize shareholder return”. The core values of CNBM are “innovation, performance, harmony and responsibility”. After 9 years development since listing, CNBM has explored a development path of “capital operation, consolidation and restructuring, management integration, and integrated innovation”. The scale of the core business of CNBM has grown rapidly and the earning capacity has improved continuously. By the end of 2014, the annual cement capacity of CNBM is over 400 million tons, concrete capacity is 413 Cubic metres, gypsum board capacity is 1.78 billion square meters, and fiber glass capacity is one million tons, the wind turbine blades capacity has increased from 0 to 15000 per year, and annual engineering services income keeps on increasing every year. CNBM has become the largest cement, concrete and rotor blades producer in the PRC, the largest gypsum board producer in Asia, the largest fiber glass producer in the world, and the leading EPC services provider in the world.

CNBM takes international investors' requirement as a benchmark, improves corporate governance comprehensively, and builds a special management operation mode-‘Three Five Management Mode'. The ‘Three Five Management Mode' includes 5N (5 operation Mode - Integration, modelization, institutionalization, processisation and digitalization), 5C (5 management model - marketing centralization, procurement centralization, financial centralization, technical centralization and investment decision-making centralization), 5I (Five key operation indices - net profit, selling price and sales volume, cost, cash flow and gearing ratio). The company also strives to strengthen the management of strategy, investment, capital, key operating indicators, and has already established the management method, which takes grass-roots company as the cost center, takes every business segment as the profit center, and takes the shareholding company as the investment center. CNBM has built complete performance and culture system, keeps strengthening consolidation and improvement, pushes forward brand uniform; purchase centralization, sales cooperation, decreases cost, and increases profit.

In the future, under the guidance of scientific concept of development, CNBM will develop capital operation and consolidation and restructuring steadily, improve management integration deeply, and drive forward in energy-saving and emission-reduction. The company strives to become a leading company providing high return to shareholders, taking social responsibilities, and having international competitiveness, and would like to make more contribution to the healthy development of Chinese building material industry.
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